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Immuni-T kit

Immunity kit

Blend of essential oils & alcohol free

The Immuni-T kit contains 3 organic products to protect your health:

  • Antibacterial ambient mist with essential oils alcohol-free*;
  • Antibacterial liquid hand soaps with antibacterial essential oils.
  • Powerful antibacterial gel for hands;

The set includes

  • Antibacterial ambient mist (60ml) (for home) New

    Developed to help destroy germs and bacteria in the air.
    Naturally deodorizes and eliminates harmful odors.
    Pleasant smell of fresh citrus.

    *Avoid contact with the eyes.

  • Antibacterial liquid soaps (120ml) (for hands) New

    Our experts have chosen a specific blend of highly concentrated essential oils to destroy germs and bacteria.
    Use daily in the kitchen. Suitable for the whole family and in addition it smells too good!

    *Apply only on the hands. Rinse, soap and rinse.

    The best antibacterial soap for your health.

  • Powerful antibacterial gel (60ml) (for hands) New

    This hydrating gel is an ally for your hands. Its texture is light, non-greasy or sticky and will be your protective shield against germs and bacteria. Our experts have created a blend of powerful concentrated essential oils, antifungals and bactericides. In addition, it will not seduce you with its sublime and refreshing smell.

    *Does not contain alcohol so it does not dry your hands. On the contrary! This antibacterial gel hydrates them.

    *After application, avoid contact near your eyes as it contains dermocaustic essential oils. Thyme vulgaris and cinnamon. ***

    Rinse with plenty of water if this occurs.
    Not recommended for young children and pregnant women under 3 months pregnant.
    Product suitable only for the hands. *** Follow our recommendations.
    12 and over

$ 45.00