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Rêve de nuit
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Rêve de nuit

Face - Day & Night

For anti-aging and dry skin in need of moisture

Have sweet dreams while this cream repairs and calms your skin. It will also help to oxygenate your cells. Based on powerful antioxidants such as reishi, shiitake, chaga mushroom from Quebec and red algae, it will fortify the skin tissues while restoring softness and flexibility. Evening primrose oil contains essential fatty acids, which deeply nourish and regenerate your skin to improve its elasticity.

$ 65


Rêve de nuit Helps :

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Deeply nourish
  • Give your skin back its tone and vitality
  • Maximize the skin’s moisture
  • Regenerate and firm (strengthens)
  • Reduces redness and rosacea

Active Ingredients

  • Evening Primrose Oil: Gives your skin back its flexibility
  • Red algea: Prevents and reduces rosacea
  • Reishi: Cell oxygenation
  • Shitake: Powerful antioxidant
  • Chaga: Anti-aging and antioxidant
  • Lavender: Skin regenerating
  • Wild Carrot: Helps with cellular regeneration

How to use and tips

* Apply to face morning & evening after cleansing

  • Crown Chakra Crown Chakra

    Opening to the spiritual world, faith, insight and meditation.

  • Heart Chakra Heart Chakra

    Access to the most beautiful form of love: true unconditional love, without any attachment. Finding a balance between knowing how to give and knowing how to receive.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra
    Wild Carrot

    Represents our sun aspects; the seat of personality. Helps us assert ourselves to develop creativity and a sense of freedom.

  • Root Chakra Root Chakra

    Provides stability and vitality. Activates confidence, inner strength and a sense of security. Pleasure and gratitude are maintained by accepting life on earth and all that it gives us.