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Natural deodorant geranium + grapefruit

Natural deodorant geranium + grapefruit

All skin type and sensitive skin

Our experts have created with care and passion the first all natural deodorant with high efficiency. The combination of specific medicinal plants and high-efficiency ingredients eliminates the odors caused by bacteria. An enzyme complex neutralizes body odors while allantoin reduces inflammation from shaving and soothes irritated skin.

$ 22.50


Helps :

  • Naturally deodorizes
  • Eliminates odors caused by bacteria
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Hydrates and calms razor burns

Active Ingredients

  • Enzyme: eliminates odors caused by bacteria
  • Palmarosa: powerful bactericidal
  • Allantoin: soothing after shaving
  • Geranium: rebalances the skin and antifungal
  • Sage: cutaneous regulator (helps reducing perspiration)
  • Grapefruit: refreshing and bactericidal
  • MSM: calms

How to use and tips

* Apply on your armpits after the shower and if needed during the day. Does not contain baking soda. If applied several times a day, you will have an effective deodorant that will last more than 6 months.