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Our collection Bioéternel is specifically developed to reduce inflammation and redness caused by couperose and better protect your skin while leaving it soft, radiant and comfortable.

From organic and natural ingredients, we have made a collection for your face that simply and quickly suits your lifestyle.  Our aim is to offer a product tailored to your specific skin type beneficial to your health and affordable.

We guarantee results will be seen after only one month of use.

Skin type | Collection for couperose
Steps to use

Skin cleansing is the first step to a skin care regime. It is used to remove dirt, makeup, dead skin cells and other pollutants from the skin of your face. It will give it a more luminous complexion and enhance the effectiveness of your cosmetics, allowing all the active ingredients to deeply penetrate your skin for better results.

  • 1 Clean smooth

    Wet with cool water, clean in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly. To remove makeup, repeat this step, use a cotton pad, apply a little milk cleanser and remove make-up.

    * This milk contains hydrosol, which also acts as a tonic.
  • 2 To smooth and relax

    Gently dab a thin layer under the eye and on the lips. Apply every morning and evening on your cleansed skin.

    * Do not apply on the eyelids.
  • 3 To give your skin a natural lift

    Apply one drop of this invaluable serum on your face, neck and cleavage. Apply every morning and evening on your cleansed skin.

    * Results are noticeable after few applications
  • 4 Strengthen, moisturize and prevent skin aging

    On a cleansed skin, apply every morning and evening on your face and neck.

    * Positive affirmation: I have a perfect and healthy skin and I feel good about myself.

Bioéternel tips

* Do not exfoliate the skin blotchy because it may be more irritated. Make a gentle exfoliation. Use honey and crushed organic fruit and gently massage.

For better results, you need to adopt a healthy diet, be physically active and take time to breathe.  It will help to tone your skin and oxygenate your body. We also recommend to drink plenty of fluids (water, herbal tea, for example); 2.2 litres for women and 3 liters for men.

Drink green tea, it will strengthen your blood vessels.

Eat berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blackcurrants, they contain polyphenols, which increase the blood vessels resistance and promote good blood circulation.  Nuts are a good source of vitamin E, well known for its protective effect on the blood vessels and protect the skin from external aggressions (sun, wind and pollution).

* Should be avoided: coffee, alcohol, spicy foods and hot baths.